When the smallest details matter you can count on Inskpreaders to help you pull it all together.

Most of us have attended an event where the host gave a parting gift as a thanks for coming.  Usually some sort of trinket you place on the shelf and never look at again.  My client and dear friend was having a pleasure themed party and knew her guest would be given tons of samples and small items to take home that some of them would never look at again.  With that in mind she wanted to give a parting gift that had many uses.  Now as women we can find uses for everything from an empty ketchup bottle to an old shoe box but we don’t want to take those home from a party.  So as simple as this sounds it was going to be a bit of challenge.  The next day while I was getting ready for work I grabbed one of my many catch all bags and it hit me.  There isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t make great use of tote bags.  Now finding the right bag was the next thing.  I called the client ask for more details about the products that would be sold and/or given away.  From the information provided I suggested using Wine Bags.  They are large enough to hold a few items, small enough to put out of site when not in use and perfect for personalizing.  Needless to say the host and her guest were very happy.

Make your next parting gift one that keeps on giving with Inkspreaders.


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